Fratellini Bistro – Let’s Brunch!


As much as fast forward our lives may be, it’s always a good idea to stop the rush and just enjoy quality moments. Like weekends 🙂

Fratellini Bistro proudly announces the chic new BRUNCH IN TOWN, every Saturday and Sunday, between 11:00 – 17:00!

The menu changes weekly for indulgence purposes obviously, but at all times, our Chefs match all tastes starting with breakfast basics such as omelettes, croissants, fruit yoghurts, cereals, hot sandwiches, to fine specialties such as soups, fish, seafood, osso bucco, lamb chops with side dish at your choice. Vegetables are also pretty abundant, as a healthy meal should include greenies as well.

We’re happy to gather round each weekend over Brunch @ Fratellini Bistro. And you’re invited. Your friends & family too! : )

For reservations: +4 (0) 733 229 229 ,
Gheorghe Titeica St. 212-214( Ethos House) 2nd District, BUCHAREST

See you this weekend!
Fratellini Bistro team