Fratellini Bistro


Daily chic, the uptown friendly classic!

The new bistro in town, signed by Fratelli Group, is a naturally chic choice for day socializing, serving breakfast or lunch, five o’clock tea, business meeting, spending quality time with family & friends. The concept blends all details from natural abundant light, classic line with modern minimalist design elements, authentic French and Italian bistros feeling, into a unique atmosphere, relaxing and indulging senses.



Your day begins with us!

Fratellini Bistro is the perfect place to start your day with a fresh delicious breakfast and a perfectly served good morning coffee. Introduced for the first time in Romania, Fratellini coffee is our own limited edition brand, a unique super premium gourmet coffee with a perfect balance of body & smell & taste. Fratellini coffee is soft, tasty and easy to drink, perfect to enjoy it at any moment of the day.


For some, there’s no life before coffee, for others, a proper breakfast fuels inspiration and energy for the entire day. As we see it, a scrumptious lunch will have the same effect, provided it’s served our way: friendly, caring and with the best ingredients.

The bistro’s chef has prepared plenty of options for lunch and dinner too, or to go, in case of an on-the-rush busy day. Tranquility is best served with the five o’clock organic tea, selection of sweets and mini sandwiches.

In case you want to drop by, we are here Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, in Ethos House – 212-214 Gheorghe Titeica St.

For more information:
+4 (0) 733 229 229

Your day begins with us!
Fratellini Bistro